O U R     C L A S S R O O M S

The Sunshine Room:

This classroom has our Practical Life area.  Children can also explore the sensory table, art and easel activities and explore the dramatic play area.  This classroom is a small, quaint area for children to practice life skills and explore and refine their social/emotional learning. 

The Butterfly Room:

This is our Language and Sensorial classroom where the children work with their primary teachers. Lessons begin at 9:30am and they work on individual and group projects and activities. This room also has a quiet area with a Peace Table for children to relax and reflect on the various lessons they are incorporating.

Each day the children gather with their primary teachers in the various classrooms to focus on their skills. This includes social & emotional develpment, fine-motor practice, exploration of their intellectual acquisitions in math, language, geography, cultural studies as well as friendship and leadership skill that they will need for their road ahead.

The Kitchen/Art Classroom:

This is where we have our enrichment activities. After the children have their self-served snack, they can work on special projects, cooking, science and art that pertain to the unit study of the month.                               

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The Cedar Room:

In this large classroom Math and Geography lessons are given.  The students are encouraged to pick an area of study that they are drawn to. We have a library, , large garhering area for group circles, puzzle building and exploration with the many building materials.