ENROLLMENT FOR 2022-2023


                     -ENROLLMENT- 2022-2023


Whole Child Learning Center benefits you and your family through the continuity of it's three year Montessori program.

Families are asked to make a financial commitment and a one year agreement with WCLC. Tuition may be paid yearly, quarterly or monthly.  

Tuition schedules, based on the number of days per week your child attends, are included with the tour information.  

       Want a tour of Whole Child Learning Center? Click here for monthly Open House! 


   Wish to take a tour of Whole Child Learning Center? Click here for monthly Open House! 


Once you've toured WCLC with your child you can take an application/questionnaire          with you to send in with the $50 application fee.

-  After your application has been recieved you will be notified of your child's acceptance. If     there are no opening for your child's age group at that time you will be informed and      

    your child  can be placed on the waiting list for the next available opening.  Currently we have a few openings in our 4-5 year olds classroom.

-  Once you are informed of an opening for your child you can secure your child's attendance by completing the enrollment paperwork and making the first tuition payment deposit.

Tours are currently open for ENROLLMENT for this coming academic year, September 2022 through July 2023   We currently have openings in our 3-5 year olds classroom.

If you would like to attend a tour, our next Open House is:

                          Monday, September 12th, 2022 from 3:00-5:00 PM.

 Please call us at (206) 841-3589 or email to reserve a visiting time for the tour.