A Holistic Montessori Preschool

"We are dedicated to creating an environment where children love to learn and learn to thrive. Where they can access all aspects of their unfolding potential. Where they can continue to connect to their internal wisdom. Where they grow socially, physically, spiritually and intellectually at a pace that is as personal and individual as they are. Where we explore the possibilities of caring and supporting one another in healthy, humane ways. Where we encourage each child's understanding of the value their contributions make in the world today."

                                                                              ~                                              ~Maria Stobie

                                                                                                       Founder and educator of Whole Child Learning Center.


Whole Child Learning Center is a partnership where parent, child, teacher and community create a space to honor the balance of mind, heart, body & spirit.

Want a tour of Whole Child Learning Center? Click here for monthly Open House!